Memories of Floyd Stahr

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I loved my grandfather. Still do.

He had, it seemed, an endless supply of great stories, experiences, memories, and words of wisdom. I was able to capture a few of those in the following videos before he passed away on October 11, 2011.

Though I regret not capturing more, I am thankful for the nearly two–and–a–half hours of video that I was able to record.

Family and friends—I hope these videos are a blessing to you and that they bring to your mind fond memories of Floyd Stahr and your time with him.


About the Videos

The files for the following videos are rather large and may require hours to download. For that reason, I have embedded them here where they will remain for streaming purposes, without the need to download. Simply click Play.

You may download the video files as well, however, which are available on this page.

I hope to make a compressed .ZIP file available soon, complete with all the videos, which should make shorten the amount of time required for download.

Questions? Fill out our Contact Form or email me at adam {at} adamstahr [dot] com.

Watch the Videos


★ Horse Cavalry | December 27, 2009 (10:50)


★ Candid Camera | December 28, 2009 (0:49)


★ Duane Pope Interrupted | December 28, 2009 (0:40)


★ Duane Pope | December 28, 2009 (50:13)


★ Going to War | April 9, 2010 (16:47)


★ Why Did You Run for Deuel County Sheriff? | April 9, 2010 (1:03:08)


★ Arlene Gets Camera Time | April 9, 2010 (0:53)