Birthday Boy - Callan is 1!

Callan had a small birthday party with family that lives in the area.  It was plenty of excitement for the little guy, though, he was tired by the end of the day!  His favorite part was chasing around his older cousin, Koston.

Callan - 10 & 11 months

This kid is growing up too fast!  Months 10 and 11 have been remarkably entertaining as our little man learns all sorts of new things. At 10 months, Callan:

10 months


  • Eats Cheerios (and leaves them all over the floor) like they are going out of style
  • Loves to give kisses to his cousin Ella on FaceTime (leaving all sorts of smears on my phone screen...yummy!)
  • Loves it when Daddy "chases" us up the stairs before bath time each night, giggling, screeching, and kicking his legs
  • Started walking with his walker
  • His favorite mealtime foods are chicken, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash
  • Takes just two longer (finally!) naps each day
  • His favorite toys are his fishies (blowfish balls), his hairbrush, rubber ducky
  • The bottom two teeth came in within a week or so of one another


At 11 months, Callan:

  • 11 months

    Started standing by himself for a few seconds at a time, until he realizes he's not holding onto anything

  • Mimics word sounds when he hears them
  • Claps
  • Seems to be rather picky about the textures he eats, we hide many things in yogurt
  • Responds to "Give ____ a kiss." with "Mmmuaahh!"  We can't get enough of this--it is so precious.  He kisses all his stuffed animals multiple times each morning.  And thankfully doesn't exclude his parents.  There is nothing like a very slobbery, open-mouth baby kiss.
  • Likes to play with his stacking rings, Book of Animals, Learning Walker, mom's tupperware drawer
  • Crawls up all the way up the stairs by himself -- we are working on going down safely.
  • (late addition) He is up to 3 teeth with one of his front, top teeth making its appearance

Callan - 9 months

9 months! 9 months old!  9 months old!

Everything he is doing, he steadily gets better at.  We have really noticed a desire to "play" with others this past month as well, including teasing Adam and I about touching things he knows he should not be touching and then looking and grinning.  So cute, but oh boy, here we go!

  • TALKING: Callan is babbling up a storm.  I think the influence of his older, talking cousin has been particularly noticed when it comes to the amount that he is talking.  He has lots to say!
  • CRAWLING: Also after trying to keep up with is 17-month-old cousin who walks, he has become a lightning fast crawler.  He practices this when he is heading for outlets and cords that still seem to be of particular interest to him.
  • STANDING: We have had to tighten the ties on all our pajama pants!  He pulls himself up on anything that he can grasp (whether it's securely around my waist or not) which often tends to be pants of any adult that looks to be a good candidate to hold him.  He's beginning to stand with just one hand resulting in a couple of spills, but he is getting steady!
  • FOOD: Callan loves butternut squash, yogurt, and Cheerios.  He's getting better and better at feeding himself finger foods, so I'm in a constant state of searching for things I can easily prepare that he can finger feed.  I think he'd jump into anything we eat regardless of flavor if we let him.
  • FAVORITE TOY: Although not a proper toy, Callan prefers socks to most other toys.  Socks on his feet, socks in drawers, socks in baskets, socks folded in balls, you get the idea.  I'm not sure what it is, but half the time he's motoring around with his socks flopping half-off his feet and the other half he's missing one which can usually be found in his mouth (See picture below).  I keep saying it is as if he is a cat who has caught the prize mouse...except it is a sock.  Apparently cotton mouth does not bother a 9-month-old.
  • A COLD IN THE COLD:  We are enduring day 7 of a little cold.  At first he loved the aspirator, but after the first 2 days he was completely over that and hates his nose being messed with--so, good to know he's like most other kids!

We are loving every minute--well, the vast majority of minutes--watching Callan grow and change and learn.  He certainly surprises us as he picks up new things seemingly all of a sudden.

What a ham!

Callan - 6 months

Wow!  Half-a-year old!  We have felt like it has gone by so fast all along, but you know how in the moment things seem slow but you look back and you can't believe the amount of time that has passed?  I haven't ever felt the slow thing, per se, but at this 6 month milestone I look back and realize the time since this goofy boy arrived has passed even more quickly than I thought!  What a scary thing as a parent...and just as a person staring my final year in the twenties in the face (yes, laugh, those of you with more - shall we say "wisdom" - than I).  One thing that has definitely been reinforced to us during month 6 is that we have an extremely active little guy on our hands.  Even as I sit here and write, he is chewing on - no, not wearing - his sandal, army crawling his way through a pile of spit-up he's deposited on the rug, and kicking his legs NON-STOP! 6 months!

  • EATING: He's been eating cereals for about a month or so now, the first day he LOVED it and nearly fell out of his chair (had we not been standing there, of course) leaning toward another bite.  He also eats sweet potato and mango, but we've only added in those others in the past week.
  • SLEEPING:  Well, we have finally had success teaching him to fall asleep on his own!  Just a week before he and I went to Mississippi, we decided to give it a go again and he was a rockstar!  He was so ready to be out of the swaddle so he could roll around during the night and now he sometimes doesn't even want me to snuggle him for a few minutes before I lay him down if he is tired!  Those that have been around me much know that this has been a HUGE point of stress for me so I am praising God that he has developed Callan to this point!  With that he is SLEEPING 12 HOURS over night which is very exciting!
  • SCOOTING: Callan is army crawling just about anywhere he wants to go and when he sees something he wants there's almost nothing that could stop him from getting it!
  • FLYING: He had his first plane flight on a trip to see cousin Ella, Aunt Farah, and Uncle Kyle in Mississippi.  He did very well on the plane and had lots of fun there, but was glad to come home and see Daddy.
  • CHEWING: We are still amazed he hasn't cut any teeth yet, he chews on EVERYTHING!  Shoes, feet, wrists (his and anyone else's), cardboard boxes, wooden chair spindles, armrests on the plane (he tried anyway, I didn't let that one fly--gross!) get the idea!
  • SITTING:  We are sitting unsupported, but a little unsteady sometimes and not yet sitting up on his own.
  • PLAYING: C's favorite toys are his Sophie giraffe, the little farm animals that go with his John Deere tractor, his exersaucer, and a little activity cube from cousin Ella.
  • LAUGHING: This is by far one of the most satisfying things he does yet for us!  He is ticklish and loves funny voices repeating the same random phrases that make him belly laugh.
  • GROWING: We don't have his 6-month doctor appointment for a few days yet so we don't know specifics, but he is quickly outgrowing his 6-month clothes and moving on to 9-month in some brands.  Yikes!

It has been a busy month as we continue getting to know this little guy and my night-owl husband finds an earlier bedtime much more necessary these days.  We are one tired mom/dad pair!  How do people do more than one?!?!?!  By God's grace, we do feel that we're finally settling into rhythm and feeling comfortable in our skin as parents, or maybe less uncomfortable and freaked out would be a better way to put it, either way we feel like it is a great place to be!


Our Little Breach Baby

Recently my phone memory was maxed out due to pictures and video of Callan. So, I've been going through and deleting fuzzy shots, multiple copies of the same picture, and video where he was supposed to be doing something funny but quit as soon as I got my camera rolling. In the process, I've found a ton of pics from his "early days" and want to share them. If you are involved in social media, you know what #tbt is. For those who aren't: experience "Throwback Thursday" Callan-style!