Fall (...winter?!?!?!), where did you go?!

I (Kalee) am inclined to apologize to myself and family and friends who I know follow the blog for picture and life updates of our family, but I am not going to permit myself to do so.  I wish I had posted more over the last 3+ months, but...we sold our house, looked for, found, and moved into a new house in Northeast Lincoln, have chased a toddler around (and he is busy...and fast!), Adam and I have both taken on some extra "jobs" to pay off our remaining school loans more quickly, AND... I'm in the middle of the second trimester with Stahr Baby #2!  Whew!  I'm tired all over again just writing that.  At any rate, now that we have re-settled and have "house chaos" behind us I thought I would at least get all of those big announcements out in the blogosphere in one shot.  Look for updates on each one in the coming weeks, we are so excited about (and exhausted by) everything that God has been doing in our lives. Below is a little Christmas Day shot of the 3 (4) of us!

Christmas Day

Summer in Review...whew!

Family Trip to the Sunken Gardens near our home. To summarize our summer, one word is needed...assessment.


We kicked off summer (well, spring) with Adam's first church planter assessment (through Converge Worldwide) where Adam was fully recommended as a church planter through this organization and we will conclude summer with the other this week (Aug. 13 & 14).  Adam spent the bulk of the month of June working on his application for the Acts 29 Church Planter Assessment.  Last week he did a phone interview and the process will culminate with an in-person interview here in Lincoln of both of us.  We are excited for this last step and also ready to be done with it!  We feel confident that God has called Adam to plant a church here in Lincoln and hope for that to be confirmed again.  2 Pillars Church, our current church, is associated and supported by both of these organizations and the support provided to church planters on a personal level is incredible through both as well as the church.

In addition to church planting applications, Adam has been busy with summer activities at our church.  We held 3 services in neighborhood parks, held a carnival for the Near South Neighborhood, had members of our church body host neighborhood block parties, and several service activities in the neighborhood.


Eating chives straight from the garden-a morning routine.


Callan's one word for summer would NOT be assessment, but FUN!

Callan, well he's been growing and learning far too quickly for our liking.  He's developed quite the vocabulary this summer and is a little parrot.  He helps me water flowers and the garden every morning and points out all of the "to-to's," aka tomatoes, on our tomato plant and picks them off for his own eating.  I'm not sure Adam and I will actually get to eat any of our home-grown tomatoes.  He loves cars, trucks, blocks, and especially trains-most specifically Thomas the Train.  He has recently been able to put his Duplo blocks together himself and when they fall apart as he's playing, he shouts, "Oh noooo!!!"  The soundtrack to my dinner preparations each night--there is nothing better!

Callan and I have gone to the zoo with friends and cousins and great aunts, we are thankful that we got a family pass and living just a few blocks away doesn't hurt either!  He's played with lots of friends and been to the splash park a few times and then spent almost 2 weeks with his cousin Ella while she and my sister and her her husband were home on vacation.


My garden about a month ago.

And me, well, mostly I just do whatever Callan requires, of course.  But I have been using the summer to get some projects around the house going.  I've got a little herb garden behind our house in addition to tomato and jalepeño plants.  It's doing quite well and we have been enjoying fresh chives, rosemary, oregano, and basil.  I've got a 3rd batch of pesto on my list for today...yum!  I've had enough success in the garden and with my flowers that I've got bigger plans for next year, so we will see! I've painted our bathroom downstairs and am cleaning and organizing the basement.

My other summer task has been working on my own application for an online teaching position through Orange Lutheran Online.  It is an online high school that has a ground campus as well in Orange, CA.  Last week I completed the teacher training and the next 8-week term they have need for a Spanish teacher, I will be getting back "into the classroom."  I'm looking forward to the opportunity to teach again, but do it from home and be with Callan all day at the same time.  This year moreso than last year I am missing not getting my classroom going and anticipating new students.  But, I'm gearing up for substitute teaching on Fridays at Waverly once again this year so that will help.  It's so good to get out of the house and see my friends out there.

And so, as all of my teacher friends head back to the classroom and our friends and family with school-age children get back to the school year grind this week, I am renewing my desire to keep up on our family blog.  I'm sure the 5 of you out there who used to check it regularly have quit by this point due to our infrequent summer posting.

Happy Back-to-School!

Callan's favorite day of the summer.  Choo-Choo!!!

Callan - 9 months

9 months! 9 months old!  9 months old!

Everything he is doing, he steadily gets better at.  We have really noticed a desire to "play" with others this past month as well, including teasing Adam and I about touching things he knows he should not be touching and then looking and grinning.  So cute, but oh boy, here we go!

  • TALKING: Callan is babbling up a storm.  I think the influence of his older, talking cousin has been particularly noticed when it comes to the amount that he is talking.  He has lots to say!
  • CRAWLING: Also after trying to keep up with is 17-month-old cousin who walks, he has become a lightning fast crawler.  He practices this when he is heading for outlets and cords that still seem to be of particular interest to him.
  • STANDING: We have had to tighten the ties on all our pajama pants!  He pulls himself up on anything that he can grasp (whether it's securely around my waist or not) which often tends to be pants of any adult that looks to be a good candidate to hold him.  He's beginning to stand with just one hand resulting in a couple of spills, but he is getting steady!
  • FOOD: Callan loves butternut squash, yogurt, and Cheerios.  He's getting better and better at feeding himself finger foods, so I'm in a constant state of searching for things I can easily prepare that he can finger feed.  I think he'd jump into anything we eat regardless of flavor if we let him.
  • FAVORITE TOY: Although not a proper toy, Callan prefers socks to most other toys.  Socks on his feet, socks in drawers, socks in baskets, socks folded in balls, you get the idea.  I'm not sure what it is, but half the time he's motoring around with his socks flopping half-off his feet and the other half he's missing one which can usually be found in his mouth (See picture below).  I keep saying it is as if he is a cat who has caught the prize mouse...except it is a sock.  Apparently cotton mouth does not bother a 9-month-old.
  • A COLD IN THE COLD:  We are enduring day 7 of a little cold.  At first he loved the aspirator, but after the first 2 days he was completely over that and hates his nose being messed with--so, good to know he's like most other kids!

We are loving every minute--well, the vast majority of minutes--watching Callan grow and change and learn.  He certainly surprises us as he picks up new things seemingly all of a sudden.

What a ham!

Rolling, rolling, rolling...

Callan and I rode out to my grandparents' house last weekend with my mom and just before we left, Callan learned a new trick. We were bummed Daddy wasn't there to see it but he did show it off when we got home.

Callan - 3 months

Month three boasts some of the most monumental changes in our little man. He has become quite the flirt! He'll smile at anyone who will give him a look!

  • SMILES: He is most smiley laying on mom or dad's legs and playing.
  • PAT-A-CAKE: Callan and mommy play pat-a-cake regularly and he absolutely loves it. Big grins.
  • LAUGHS!: In the past week or so Callan has just started laughing. He started out with a sound that seemed like it was the effort behind a laugh and then eventually he got to a laugh her and there over the course of the week.
  • SITTING: While he is not sitting up yet, he sure wants to. We used to be able to lay him in his Boppy to hang out like THIS, but now he refuses to lay back and tries to pull himself up to sitting with his neck muscles. He will sit in his Bumbo seat now, but looks like a little bobblehead baby (video to follow).
  • SLEEP: He did hit an 9-hour night once, but still consistently sleeps at least a 6-7 hour stretch. He's also given mom and dad a couple of rough nights as well for the first time since his first couple of weeks--while we'd not complain about a couple of nights, we are thankful that he doesn't do that too often. Right now we're working on an earlier bed time and longer naps!
  • ROAD TRIP: Callan took his first trip out of Nebraska this month to Adam's parents' in Kansas City. Adam had several fundraising appointments with friends and family there and so we took a few days down there.
  • GROWTH: This little dude was 13lbs 3 oz at his 2 month appointment that was technically at 10 weeks and was 24.5" long...I guess make that "this big dude!" Those stats put him in the 90th and 85th percentiles respectively. The doctor always starts with, "Well, it looks like nursing is going well." Yes, nursing is going just fine! We're warning him already to enjoy this "tall" thing while he can, it likely won't last with Adam and I as parents!
  • HOME WITH MOMMY!: I finished up the school year and will be taking a 1-year leave of absence from teaching to figure out this kids thing. I'm SO excited to have the time home with Callan. Being gone from him for only those 11 days was rough! I am thankful that I got to go back and finish the last few days out and say goodbye for now to my friends at Waverly. I have so enjoyed the professional opportunities I've had there over the past 4 years. We'll see what the future holds after this next year.



Callan - 2 months

Wow, how time flies!  Month 2 was still a blur for us, but Callan grew and changed SO much.  I finally ran out of help so began to have weeks on my own.  I felt pretty good and really like I could do anything I would normally do by 7 weeks post-delivery.  We did well, my sister finished up her time here (thanks, Kyle for letting them stay for so long!) and so we made sure to get some cousin pictures before they returned to Texas.  I'll be posting some of those later...too cute!  Other than that, month 2 was full of adjustment and change as we continue to get used to having this little guy in the house.  He hit some milestones that made us realize how quickly he is growing already!  We are looking forward to his 2-month doctor's appointment so we can get his official stats. 2 Months Old!


  •  SMILES: We began to see social smiles this month here and there about half-way through.  
  • SLEEP: He is consistently sleeping 6-hours at a time during the night.  However, he is a cat-napper.  We'll take the night sleeping!
  • GROWING: Unofficially on a home digital scale with Grandpa Doug doing the weighing, he came in at about 11lbs 8 oz.
  • DEDICATION: Callan was dedicated at our church, 2 Pillars Church, in Lincoln on May 12th this month.  His grandparents
  • GRANDPA REGGIE:  C finally got to meet Grandpa Reggie!!  His work schedule was tight and finally worked out so they could sneak up from KC.
  • FIRST BABYSITTER: I went back to work on the 15th and so Callan had Grandma Rhonda as his first babysitter!  Thankfully I only had 11 days left to finish out the school year so between both the grandmas, Adam being home Fridays since Sunday is a "work day" for him, and a friend of ours from our Gospel Community, we didn't have to take him anywhere.  I hated being gone those days, but he was my snuggle-bug when I got home in the afternoons.  I have so much admiration for those moms who work and have kids.  I missed him so much!!!!


Callan got his 2 month shots today. He was a trooper though so it went really fast. Adam and I are pretty sure they shouldn't let parents be in the room for it! He did score some sweet Snoopy Band-aids!


First Mother's Day

We are working on catching up with some posts but quickly, my first Mother's Day was awesome! Callan was dedicated at church and we had a bunch of family here to share in that commitment to raise him in a God-fearing and honoring way. What a huge, humbling privilege! Below is how we spent our evening. Thank goodness for good weather finally!


Week 39

Heading to the hospital. Finally as we now have an almost one-month-old I am finding a rhythm to post our Week 39 picture.  We took this as we were getting ready to leave for the hospital.  If we only knew in those moments how different we would feel when we came home with that boy or girl we were anticipating!

Arriving at the hospital and prep for my C-section were totally surreal.  As I sat hooked up to IV with a completely empty stomach, the nurse made Adam order breakfast.  To keep things real, I got a text from my substitues with some questions reminding me that the world outside was continuing as it normally does. :)

Adam's carefully chosen shirt for the day he became a dad.

My anesthesiologist knew one of my students' moms and he came in speaking Spanish to me, including at one point during the insertion of my epidural, etc.  Between my anxiousness about what was happening and about to happen (not to mention the freezing cold operating room) and the medical explanation he was giving with words I've never heard before, I think all I felt capable of doing was laughing a little.  My brain was not there at all!

After that things went pretty quick.  Adam hung out with me behind the curtain until they told him to stand up with the camera.  He announced it was a boy and Callan came out wailing.  He's not a quiet one, ladies and gentlemen, and that proves true even a month later!  Adam also observed that as they pulled him out, Callan took the liberty of peeing on the doctors...Adam was proud.  :)


I was able to watch him be weighed and measured and wrapped up and then Adam brought him over by me.  After a few minutes, I could barely keep my eyes open.  It seems so weird to want to fall asleep while in the middle of surgery you were left awake for!  Adam and Callan went for some other measurements on Callan while I was finished and they met me in recovery where I got to hold my little boy for the first time.  I was in love immediately, of course!

After 30 minutes in recovery, Adam and Callan went for a bath and I slept and dreamt of food.  Enjoy some more photos from our time in the hospital!

A Long–Overdue Update

This isn't quite how I drew it up.

The Plan

You see, in anticipation of Callan's birth, I thought through a comprehensive "communication plan" intended to keep family, friends and loved ones in the loop. Once we were at the hospital I was going to send regular text message updates, post daily updates to our blog (perhaps even multiple updates per day), and share those blog updates via Facebook and email.

Then Callan was born.


Adam-Callan Sleeping

Between caring for Kalee, tending to Callan's needs, chatting with visitors, spending family time with Kalee and Callan, and attempting to get some sleep, there simply wasn't time to implement my "brilliant" (maybe naive?) plan. In fact, you'll notice that this is our first post since Callan was born.

In short, I was given a healthy dose of reality. So this is what it's like to be first–time parents of a newborn?

So, in an effort to catch you up, here is a brief summary of the last week's events:

Tuesday, March 19

Callan was born.

Tuesday, March 19 – Friday, March 22

An incredibly sweet time, yet a bit of a blur.

Kalee and I spent much of our time staring at Callan in awe and disbelief: "This is our son!"

Lots of visitors.

I learned how to change diapers very quickly. Callan managed to pee on me, not once, but twice.

We went home late Friday afternoon.

Friday, March 22 – Today

Since arriving home from  the hospital, we've been doing our best to adjust to the "new normal."

Kalee's mother is staying with us this week (along with her sister, Farah and niece, Ella). My mother will be staying with us next week.

Callan had his first doctor's appointment, which went very well. As it turns out, he was on pace to be back up to his birth weight by the end of the first week following his birth. Callan peed on me, yet again, at the doctor's office.

More visitors (we have been blessed with great friends and family).

Kalee-Callan Sleeping

Kalee and Callan are both doing very well. Kalee is feeling better and more mobile as each day passes.

Thanks again to all who have kept us in your thoughts and prayers, especially over the past week or so. More posts and pictures to follow—allegedly.

It's a boy!

It's a boy! Callan Emerson Stahr Born at 10:22am 8lbs 5oz

Both Mom and Baby are doing well. Praise be to God!

I'll try to post more information later. Thanks for all who have been in prayer for us today. We love you all!


Week 38

Week 38 We are scheduled for a C-section due to our independent-minded child for Tuesday morning!  I actually have felt better during week 38 than I had the previous weeks before that, well other than some massively swollen ankles and feet.  I have become an expert at getting them to go back down to pregnancy-normal size, however.  We  had a busy weekend with some fundraising appointments and getting time in with some friends pre-baby so feel like we really "lived it up" in our last weekend as non-parents.

Everyone keeps asking how we are feeling: excited, nervous, etc.  I've been trying to do so much to get school things taken care of I really haven't had a chance to get much of any one emotion.  I'm sure as we enjoy our last night "just the two of us" I will begin to feel differently.  Just hopefully not so much so that I can't sleep.  I definitely want to get my last child-less night's sleep in as full as I can!  We are definitely excited to meet Baby Stahr and have a real name to give him or her knowing that he or she is just a he or just a she.

Week 37

Week 37: Notice the new wreath :) Week 37 was an exciting week at the Stahr household.  We learned a bit more about our little guy/gal's arrival.  We had a doctor appointment with the final ultrasound and with that it looks as if Baby Stahr will arrive via C-section in a couple of weeks give or take some days.  We had thought he/she was head-down and primed for a regular delivery and that I had a rear-end up in the top of my stomach, but as soon as she put the ultrasound equipment, all we could see was head!  This made for some fantastic 3-D pictures of baby's face which I will share in a post later this week, but we were a bit shocked by the literal turn-around.  I was positioned exactly the same causing a C-section for my mom, so I guess what goes around comes around.

Other than that news, we have  a nice, chubby-cheeked baby that seems to be healthy and I am still feeling pretty good other than over-doing it from time to time as I try to wrap up projects and tasks that I want to get taken care of before the big day...well, and all of the days that follow as our lives as they know them change immensely.

In addition, my shower was great and I got to take all of the great things home to both of our moms who came in for the weekend to get the nursery prepped out for the arrival of Baby Stahr.  We got so much done and are stocked on diapers, all the blankets and the few outfits (it's hard to buy too much when you don't know the gender!) we have are washed up and put away.  Adam and I took a little bit and packed my hospital back and adjusted the items in the "labor" bag to fit the needs of our alternate birth experience.  Whenever Baby Stahr decides to show up, we are prepared.  Ready...now that's a different story!

Week 36

Week 36 Whew!  We are rolling along...well, make that waddling.  We are all doing well, Baby Stahr has his/her movement routine that allows Adam and I to enjoy seeing what we can of his/her tricks just before my bedtime.  The bum cozies itself up at the top of my belly and I swear the baby wraps toes around my ribs and pulls on them!  Definitely the most uncomfortable part of pregnancy thus far.  In all other aspects we are maintaining the status quo.  I'm still swelling up pretty well by the end of the day and am definitely more and more physically exhausted by the end of the day.  The biggest change of the past week has been my ability to sleep comfortably.

I really have not had to much trouble with this up until now (for which I am incredibly thankful), but the baby is now big enough that it gets up in my ribs and makes it hard to breathe or gets really nestled in on whatever side I am sleeping so I feel lopsided.  I also think that I subconsciously wake up worried that the baby has turned the wrong way during the night.  I suppose that goes with the territory at this point!

We are looking forward to the next several days as we have our last ultrasound tomorrow (it's been 16 weeks since we last got pictures of Baby Stahr!) and then are starting once-a-week visits to the doctor until delivery.  Friday afternoon, one of my co-workers and good friends, Kelly, is doing a shower for me with my work friends.  I'm looking forward to spending some time with them outside of school.  We haven't done much of that this year.  In addition, both of our moms get to come in on Friday and Saturday and will be helping us get the nursery finished up and some things here at the house prepared in case we really do go any day!  We're looking forward to the weekend.

Week 35

Another week of wrapping up behind us! Week 35

Friday I had the day off school and we had a doctor's appointment.  Baby Stahr is doing great and is head down so we are in business when the time comes.  We have regular conversations about saving somersaults until he/she is on the outside.  Our next appointment is next Thursday and will include our last ultrasound.  We can't wait to see Baby Stahr again!

We had a consultation with a pediatrician and really liked her, Saturday I got up at 4:30 a.m. to take my cheerleaders to the Nebraska State Cheer & Dance Competition.  They did great!  Adam saved me from riding the bus back home so we could stay at my parents' before he preached at my home church Sunday morning as a part of their Missions' Month.  We were so encouraged spending Sunday morning with them.  The weekend wrapped up seeing my family on Sunday arrive back in NE from a 3-day road trip moving my sister and family back this direction from California and also seeing Adam's mom driving back through as well.

I know that I am looking forward to this next week and a bit more calm and rest, although we apparently have some weather excitement headed our way.  Really praying Baby Stahr doesn't decide that it's a good idea to come a few weeks early during the heavy snow we're supposed to get this week.

Week 34-It was crazy!

Week 34 Week 34 kept us on our toes and therefore we are into week 35 before getting a new post up.  However, we did get quite a bit accomplished!  I attended my final home basketball game for the season at WHS.  We were able to get together with some friends for dinner, attended the Biblical Manhood and Womanhood Classroom Series at 2 Pillars on Saturday morning, gathered with other Gospel Community Leaders from our church to encourage one another, and most notably finished up our Lamaze/Birth Class.  We are glad we decided to do the class and we feel like it has allowed us to discuss a number of aspects of labor and delivery with a great deal more knowledge.  Now if it will only go exactly as we hope that it it will!  Oh, and Adam preached at 2 Pillars as well, he did a great job as always!  Quite the week!

As for Baby Stahr and me, we are doing as well as can be expected.  Baby Stahr is getting large enough to be rather squished and make me uncomfortable.  That doesn't, however, stop he/she from moving A LOT.  We especially have been enjoying our weeknights at home so we can sit and watch my belly move.  The evening is an especially active time for Baby Stahr, who then is apparently too worn out to keep me awake by moving a lot at night.  The shining moment of the week was when my cheerleaders told me I have the "coveted" pregnancy waddle going on, but I guess at the very least that is progress.