The Baby (aka #2)

Callan is thrilled to announce that he will be a big brother here in a few months.  We are expecting Baby Stahr #2 the first week of May!  As I referenced in the most recent post, things have been a bit wild and crazy and pregnancy did not reduced the chaos.  I learned that I would rather work full time than chase a toddler around while pregnant, but naptime has enabled me to get more rest than I did when pregnant with Callan and working.  It turns out that high school students are surprisingly more understanding when the big-bellied lady teaching their Spanish class wants to teach sitting down with her feet up than a toddler is when big (or small still)-bellied Momma doesn't want to get up and find a different toy, go to a different room, get a snack, or...well, you get the idea.  Adam and I are thrilled and terrified to welcome another babe!  We find it funny to compare the things we are worried about with this versus the things we worried about with the first.  We did go back and forth for a while about whether or not we will find out the gender of this baby (we didn't find out with Callan), but I believe we've decided to hold out again.  That ultra sound is in another couple of weeks, so who knows! Amidst all of the change in our family, we have not taken pregnancy pictures weekly and I certainly haven't kept better notes about this pregnancy (thank goodness I blogged a little about Callan!).  I was definitely sicker for longer in the beginning, but finally about packing time things started to improve drastically.  I also had a thing about the smell in the kitchen at our old house (note: no one else could smell it, I insist that I am not crazy), but we moved so that solved that problem!  I'm not sure I'd encourage a move for that reason, but it was a bonus I guess.  I'm 25 weeks now, I think--I've had a hard time keeping track of that this time 'round -- I hear you moaning second children of the world!  I am feeling pretty good now as long as I don't bend over too much -- as a result we are working on teaching Callan to pick up his own toys at the end of the day!  HA!

One of the exciting things about this pregnancy is that my sis is also expecting a new baby about 6 weeks before Baby Stahr.  We went down to visit them over Labor Day and ended up sharing our news with one another while there.  So, we used a picture from that time (we did not know about one anothers' pregnancies when Farah took this picture so it was totally a lucky shot for the news we would have to share) and let the kiddos make the announcement that we sent out to our shared relatives (see below).

Callan and Ella's big news!