Fall (...winter?!?!?!), where did you go?!

I (Kalee) am inclined to apologize to myself and family and friends who I know follow the blog for picture and life updates of our family, but I am not going to permit myself to do so.  I wish I had posted more over the last 3+ months, but...we sold our house, looked for, found, and moved into a new house in Northeast Lincoln, have chased a toddler around (and he is busy...and fast!), Adam and I have both taken on some extra "jobs" to pay off our remaining school loans more quickly, AND... I'm in the middle of the second trimester with Stahr Baby #2!  Whew!  I'm tired all over again just writing that.  At any rate, now that we have re-settled and have "house chaos" behind us I thought I would at least get all of those big announcements out in the blogosphere in one shot.  Look for updates on each one in the coming weeks, we are so excited about (and exhausted by) everything that God has been doing in our lives. Below is a little Christmas Day shot of the 3 (4) of us!

Christmas Day