Summer in Review...whew!

Family Trip to the Sunken Gardens near our home. To summarize our summer, one word is needed...assessment.


We kicked off summer (well, spring) with Adam's first church planter assessment (through Converge Worldwide) where Adam was fully recommended as a church planter through this organization and we will conclude summer with the other this week (Aug. 13 & 14).  Adam spent the bulk of the month of June working on his application for the Acts 29 Church Planter Assessment.  Last week he did a phone interview and the process will culminate with an in-person interview here in Lincoln of both of us.  We are excited for this last step and also ready to be done with it!  We feel confident that God has called Adam to plant a church here in Lincoln and hope for that to be confirmed again.  2 Pillars Church, our current church, is associated and supported by both of these organizations and the support provided to church planters on a personal level is incredible through both as well as the church.

In addition to church planting applications, Adam has been busy with summer activities at our church.  We held 3 services in neighborhood parks, held a carnival for the Near South Neighborhood, had members of our church body host neighborhood block parties, and several service activities in the neighborhood.


Eating chives straight from the garden-a morning routine.


Callan's one word for summer would NOT be assessment, but FUN!

Callan, well he's been growing and learning far too quickly for our liking.  He's developed quite the vocabulary this summer and is a little parrot.  He helps me water flowers and the garden every morning and points out all of the "to-to's," aka tomatoes, on our tomato plant and picks them off for his own eating.  I'm not sure Adam and I will actually get to eat any of our home-grown tomatoes.  He loves cars, trucks, blocks, and especially trains-most specifically Thomas the Train.  He has recently been able to put his Duplo blocks together himself and when they fall apart as he's playing, he shouts, "Oh noooo!!!"  The soundtrack to my dinner preparations each night--there is nothing better!

Callan and I have gone to the zoo with friends and cousins and great aunts, we are thankful that we got a family pass and living just a few blocks away doesn't hurt either!  He's played with lots of friends and been to the splash park a few times and then spent almost 2 weeks with his cousin Ella while she and my sister and her her husband were home on vacation.


My garden about a month ago.

And me, well, mostly I just do whatever Callan requires, of course.  But I have been using the summer to get some projects around the house going.  I've got a little herb garden behind our house in addition to tomato and jalepeño plants.  It's doing quite well and we have been enjoying fresh chives, rosemary, oregano, and basil.  I've got a 3rd batch of pesto on my list for today...yum!  I've had enough success in the garden and with my flowers that I've got bigger plans for next year, so we will see! I've painted our bathroom downstairs and am cleaning and organizing the basement.

My other summer task has been working on my own application for an online teaching position through Orange Lutheran Online.  It is an online high school that has a ground campus as well in Orange, CA.  Last week I completed the teacher training and the next 8-week term they have need for a Spanish teacher, I will be getting back "into the classroom."  I'm looking forward to the opportunity to teach again, but do it from home and be with Callan all day at the same time.  This year moreso than last year I am missing not getting my classroom going and anticipating new students.  But, I'm gearing up for substitute teaching on Fridays at Waverly once again this year so that will help.  It's so good to get out of the house and see my friends out there.

And so, as all of my teacher friends head back to the classroom and our friends and family with school-age children get back to the school year grind this week, I am renewing my desire to keep up on our family blog.  I'm sure the 5 of you out there who used to check it regularly have quit by this point due to our infrequent summer posting.

Happy Back-to-School!

Callan's favorite day of the summer.  Choo-Choo!!!