Callan - 13 & 14 months

What a quick 2 months it has been!  I realized about 2 weeks after 13 months that I didn't get a picture taken and then more time passed, so here we are (half-way through his 15th month!).  Callan has acquired several new tricks, most notably WALKING!  The last week or so he's decided he's okay with walking in the grass if that gets him to his dirt pile, which is great and regrettable all at the same time. Such a charmer at 14 months!

  • SLEEPING: Callan maintains his (awesome) 6:30 bedtime and is still taking a morning and afternoon nap.  Momma will be holding on to both of these as long as possible!
  • EATING: Well, let's just say he will eat pretty much anything but it is a day by day preference.  Today he eats 6 bananas, tomorrow we're crazy for even offering such a detestable option.  He loves yogurt (clicks his tongue to tell us he wants some...not really sure where that came from!), apples, clementines, bread, cheese, milk and water.
  • PLAYING: Callan is enjoying looking at books and having them read to him more and more.  It is so great to see him love reading!  He is developing quite a repertoire of animal sounds, we are hoping to catch them on video to post.  He and momma spend the majority of his non-napping time digging on the front porch in his pot or moving around outside in some fashion.  Callan is glad to be relieved of his cabin fever with some good weather!
  • MOVING: So we have the walking, but he is also climbing anything he can get his legs onto: the couch, the futon, the chairs, the front stairs outside, and many other things that scare us to death!
  •  VACAY from Mom and Dad:  Adam and I traveled to Chicago for 4 days to participate in a church planter's assessment the first week of April, not an ideal place for a baby, almost toddler.  So Callan got to vacation for a week free of mom and dad in York (with Kalee's parents and grandmother) for, with travel time, etc., what ended up being 6 nights.  He had a blast with grandparents and great-grandma, but was ready to see us when we returned...not as ready as we were to see him, however.  Thankfully we did not miss his first steps while on this trip -- we were worried!
  • TALKING: Callan's vocabulary grows each week and he often needs a translator, but we're starting to catch on to his dialect.  We haven't added any more sign language since he seems to be catching on to words he needs.



Evidence that Callan is a new walker.

Pictures in this chair are getting a little bit scary!