Callan - 12 months

Everyone says once you have kids, time really goes we know.  Is it possible our little dude is a year old?!  He absolutely amazes us every day and seems to wake up with some new communication or trick every day.  We are overwhelmed by God's grace shown to us in that little two-and-a-half foot package.

  • 12 months - It's getting harder to get a "still" picture of C these days!

    MOVING: Callan is standing on his own more and more.  He thinks about taking a step when he sees something he wants to get to.  Going up the two flights of stairs to our second floor happens lightening fast, we're still waiting for him to figure out going down stairs.

  • TRAVELING:  Callan and I were able, again, to travel to Mississippi in order to see my sister and her family.  Callan and his cousin, Ella got to spend a lot of great time together.  They were sharing kisses and hugs immediately after we arrived there.  Callan learned SO much from his older cousin.
  • TALKING:  We have been working on sign language with him and he does "more" and "all done" making meal time much easier.  He has acquired a few words: 'side (outside), buh bye (with two-handed wave), hi, mama, dada, apple, and he will mimic about any word you say to him.
  • PLAYING: He is loving more and more to read books and will just sit and page through them by himself (a welcome time for his momma each day!).  He likes to walk with his walker and play his toy xylophone (with the hammer) and our piano.  Callan loves to be chased around the house and has a turbo gear to his crawling when he does.
  • EATING: Callan is eating and loving pretty much any table food we put in front of him to eat with his hands.  His favorites are still yogurt, cheerios, and recently ground beef.
  • OUTSIDE: Our little guy has always been most content outside.  Sticking him in a stroller outside puts him in a trance.  While it was cold, he would just point - a wordless request to take him to the window indicated.  After the warm-spell and our trip to Mississippi where he was able to play outside a ton, he cannot get enough of the outdoors and wants to touch anything that grows, inside or outside, fake or real, green or dead from the winter.
  • TEETH: Callan has both bottom, middle teeth, one top, and is working on at least two more on the top.  Drool continues to be an ever-present part of our lives.
  • STATS:  At his 1-year doctor appointment the translation was average-height, skinny baby.  30.5" tall and 19lbs 13 oz.  This is our 3rd appointment at the 19 pound mark--he eats like mad, but moves enough to wear it all off!

Needless to say, Callan keeps us very entertained.  We just cannot imagine how in the world we filled our time before he was born.  Undoubtedly this has been the most amazing year for both of us and feel so blessed to be able to watch Callan grow and learn through his next year!