Callan - 10 & 11 months

This kid is growing up too fast!  Months 10 and 11 have been remarkably entertaining as our little man learns all sorts of new things. At 10 months, Callan:

10 months


  • Eats Cheerios (and leaves them all over the floor) like they are going out of style
  • Loves to give kisses to his cousin Ella on FaceTime (leaving all sorts of smears on my phone screen...yummy!)
  • Loves it when Daddy "chases" us up the stairs before bath time each night, giggling, screeching, and kicking his legs
  • Started walking with his walker
  • His favorite mealtime foods are chicken, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash
  • Takes just two longer (finally!) naps each day
  • His favorite toys are his fishies (blowfish balls), his hairbrush, rubber ducky
  • The bottom two teeth came in within a week or so of one another


At 11 months, Callan:

  • 11 months

    Started standing by himself for a few seconds at a time, until he realizes he's not holding onto anything

  • Mimics word sounds when he hears them
  • Claps
  • Seems to be rather picky about the textures he eats, we hide many things in yogurt
  • Responds to "Give ____ a kiss." with "Mmmuaahh!"  We can't get enough of this--it is so precious.  He kisses all his stuffed animals multiple times each morning.  And thankfully doesn't exclude his parents.  There is nothing like a very slobbery, open-mouth baby kiss.
  • Likes to play with his stacking rings, Book of Animals, Learning Walker, mom's tupperware drawer
  • Crawls up all the way up the stairs by himself -- we are working on going down safely.
  • (late addition) He is up to 3 teeth with one of his front, top teeth making its appearance