Pastor Adam

2 Pillars men praying over Adam, Callan, and I as well as the Sorilla family on Installation Sunday We have arrived!  Well, that's probably a bit too definitive for what is entailed in this endeavor, but Adam is officially a Pastor!  On September 28th, Adam and Cheech (the other elder candidate at 2 Pillars) were installed as pastors/elders.  The two have been working through an evaluation process over the course of the past 2 years to ensure that they are biblically called and qualified (per Titus 1 & 1 Timothy 3) to become elders/pastors.

This is a HUGE milestone for our church's growth and we are thankful for the unity God has given Pastor Todd, Cheech, and Adam as they begin to lead our church as a team.

Obviously on a personal level we are excited as well.  Adam felt God calling him to pastoral ministry in college and after he graduated planned to work for just one year before enrolling in a graduate seminary.  During that year we met and so our pending wedding, my teaching job, and our first year of married life kept him at the Admissions Office at UNL for 2 more years.  During our first year of marriage we visited a few seminaries and realized that they are ridiculously expensive and that it wasn't financially wise to enroll at the time.  In the coming 4 years, God granted us the ability to patiently wait for His timing and brought some great people into Adam's life that introduced him to alternative methods of education for pastoral ministry and to church planting.  He met Pastor Todd when 2 Pillars was yet to get started and 4 years later, here we are today!  Praise the Lord!!!

God's faithfulness is more than evident as we look back over the past 10 years (8 including me) since Adam felt God calling him into full-time ministry.  We asked how so many times along the way and I don't think in the beginning either of us would have imagined being part of a church plant in Lincoln, but we are thrilled to be here in this time.  We are also so grateful for God's provision of great friends and family to travel this road with us and we know that many of you are praying for us, loving us so well, and supporting Adam's position through 2 Pillars financially.  I believe Adam plans to write a post in the coming month detailing what his position at 2 Pillars entails and give some more details of the road that brought us to this point.