Callan - 7 months

7 months! At 7 months we are certainly seeing more and more personality.  It is fun to begin to see what entertains Callan and how he interacts with his world.

  • MOVING: He continues to army crawl everywhere with an intense determination and is doing so more quickly.  No crawling yet...
  • SITTING: He is doing so more stably and independently.
  • TALKING: This is probably the biggest change we've seen.  He most often munches on his pacifier and babbles, or screeches when we're lucky.  He also talks in his crib before and after naps, in the carseat, when he wakes up, in the stroller, playing with his toys, you get the idea...
  • SICKNESS: Month 6 brought his first sick days with a reaction to his flu shot.  He was pretty pathetic the first night and day.  Thankfully it was a Saturday so we were both home and as much as he would allow it we shared holding duties.  He definitely prefers his mom when he's sick.
  • NIGHT AWAY: Callan stayed with Grandma Arlene in Kansa City (Adam's mom) while Adam and I went to the USA v. Jamaica soccer game.  Despite being increasingly clingy to mom and dad, he did great with Grandma.
  • NEW JOB: After Adam's installation as a pastor at our church, Callan is officially a pastor's kid!
  • EATING: His appetite only continues to grow and he added a variety of foods to his pallet, mostly fruit and veggie purees and cereal.  So far we haven't found a food he doesn't like.  I'm hoping he got that from his makes cooking awfully easy around the Stahr household.

Callan keeps growing and changing and we continue to enjoy the front row seat we have to watch the new and different things he does each morning when he wakes up.