Callan - Month 5

5 months! Seriously, I only posted once since last month!??  No wonder I've been hearing from people that I need to post more.  If only I had the excuse that I was learning as many new things as Callan.  We are astounded at the capacity God gave these little people to learn so much in such short periods of time!

  • Rolling: Callan squeaked rolling from his back to his tummy into month 5, but just barely.  He's been a bit of a troublesome sleeper for the past month and one night last week we just brought him back downstairs after an hour of trying to get him to sleep.  We put him on the floor while we ate our dinner and wouldn't you know, after all the coaxing we had been doing, he just up and got himself over without our prodding.  (Then thankfully shortly went back to sleep--apparently just needed to get it out of his system!)
  • Cereal: He started rice cereal last week and loves it.  Nearly falls out of his chair or my lap to get at the spoon.  He had been after anything we were putting in our mouths all of a sudden for about 5 days before so we decided he was ready to meet "big boy food."
  • Excersaucer: Literally in a matter of 2 days he went from needing propped with blankets and not really knowing what to do or being able to reach the toys on it to playing in it for 20-30 minutes at a time.  He LOVES it!!! (And so do I--he was outgrowing the swing for entertainment while I make dinner.)
  • Sophie & his ring: His two favorite toys are Sophie the giraffe - a teething toy made of rubber that squeaks and startles him, and a colorful teething ring- which he has a love-hate relationship with as it falls around his arm sometimes and he gets mad that he can't find it.
  • Mover and Shaker: We continue to conclude that it seems he will be quite the active guy.  He is always moving or looking around, kicking his legs, twisting and turning.  I've got my workouts built in, I guess.
  • Drooling: No teeth yet, but we are certain he drools his body weight daily.
  • Sleeping:  He is still a consistently short napper (if you need a 45 minute timer, put C down for a nap he's so consistent!) and had a week of pretty awful night-waking right after 4 months, but is doing better.  Here and there he sleeps the whole night, but otherwise usually just wakes up once to eat.  I'm fairly certain God is using C's sleeping to teach me quite a bit about just who has control over things in my life ;).

We are enjoying each day with Callan and cannot believe he is growing so fast.  What a gift to be his parents and experience watching a little human being develop up close!