Callan - Month 4

What a month! 4 months

  • SLEEP: This is a work in progress.  He is sleeping fairly well at night and only waking up once, but his naps are still on the super short side.  He doesn't seem to be too bothered by that, though so I'm dealing with it!
  • SITTING: Callan love sitting up, and sitting up really straight.  He tries to lean forward and sit up from lounging on laps and even in his car seat now.  
  • STANDING: He's not standing yet of course, but once pulled up to sitting he wants to be pulled up to standing to look around.
  • MOVING AND SHAKING: He is learning like crazy!  He learned to roll over this month as you can see in this post.  Sometimes he forgets and gets mad laying on his tummy.  When on his tummy he is getting his leg movement going so I'm sure it's just a countdown until he's scooting along!
  •   GROWTH: Callan now weighs in at 16 lbs. even and is 26 inches long!  He is in the 75th percentile in all areas.  We can't believe how much he is growing in so many ways!  He's going to need a haircut soon.

Adam and I feel like Callan has definitely grown from newborn into baby boy in the past month.  We are glad he is growing but definitely are mourning the loss of snuggling but celebrating the learning and growth that have taken it's place.  Onward as we learn to parent a 5-month-old!