Callan - 3 months

Month three boasts some of the most monumental changes in our little man. He has become quite the flirt! He'll smile at anyone who will give him a look!

  • SMILES: He is most smiley laying on mom or dad's legs and playing.
  • PAT-A-CAKE: Callan and mommy play pat-a-cake regularly and he absolutely loves it. Big grins.
  • LAUGHS!: In the past week or so Callan has just started laughing. He started out with a sound that seemed like it was the effort behind a laugh and then eventually he got to a laugh her and there over the course of the week.
  • SITTING: While he is not sitting up yet, he sure wants to. We used to be able to lay him in his Boppy to hang out like THIS, but now he refuses to lay back and tries to pull himself up to sitting with his neck muscles. He will sit in his Bumbo seat now, but looks like a little bobblehead baby (video to follow).
  • SLEEP: He did hit an 9-hour night once, but still consistently sleeps at least a 6-7 hour stretch. He's also given mom and dad a couple of rough nights as well for the first time since his first couple of weeks--while we'd not complain about a couple of nights, we are thankful that he doesn't do that too often. Right now we're working on an earlier bed time and longer naps!
  • ROAD TRIP: Callan took his first trip out of Nebraska this month to Adam's parents' in Kansas City. Adam had several fundraising appointments with friends and family there and so we took a few days down there.
  • GROWTH: This little dude was 13lbs 3 oz at his 2 month appointment that was technically at 10 weeks and was 24.5" long...I guess make that "this big dude!" Those stats put him in the 90th and 85th percentiles respectively. The doctor always starts with, "Well, it looks like nursing is going well." Yes, nursing is going just fine! We're warning him already to enjoy this "tall" thing while he can, it likely won't last with Adam and I as parents!
  • HOME WITH MOMMY!: I finished up the school year and will be taking a 1-year leave of absence from teaching to figure out this kids thing. I'm SO excited to have the time home with Callan. Being gone from him for only those 11 days was rough! I am thankful that I got to go back and finish the last few days out and say goodbye for now to my friends at Waverly. I have so enjoyed the professional opportunities I've had there over the past 4 years. We'll see what the future holds after this next year.