Callan - 2 months

Wow, how time flies!  Month 2 was still a blur for us, but Callan grew and changed SO much.  I finally ran out of help so began to have weeks on my own.  I felt pretty good and really like I could do anything I would normally do by 7 weeks post-delivery.  We did well, my sister finished up her time here (thanks, Kyle for letting them stay for so long!) and so we made sure to get some cousin pictures before they returned to Texas.  I'll be posting some of those later...too cute!  Other than that, month 2 was full of adjustment and change as we continue to get used to having this little guy in the house.  He hit some milestones that made us realize how quickly he is growing already!  We are looking forward to his 2-month doctor's appointment so we can get his official stats. 2 Months Old!


  •  SMILES: We began to see social smiles this month here and there about half-way through.  
  • SLEEP: He is consistently sleeping 6-hours at a time during the night.  However, he is a cat-napper.  We'll take the night sleeping!
  • GROWING: Unofficially on a home digital scale with Grandpa Doug doing the weighing, he came in at about 11lbs 8 oz.
  • DEDICATION: Callan was dedicated at our church, 2 Pillars Church, in Lincoln on May 12th this month.  His grandparents
  • GRANDPA REGGIE:  C finally got to meet Grandpa Reggie!!  His work schedule was tight and finally worked out so they could sneak up from KC.
  • FIRST BABYSITTER: I went back to work on the 15th and so Callan had Grandma Rhonda as his first babysitter!  Thankfully I only had 11 days left to finish out the school year so between both the grandmas, Adam being home Fridays since Sunday is a "work day" for him, and a friend of ours from our Gospel Community, we didn't have to take him anywhere.  I hated being gone those days, but he was my snuggle-bug when I got home in the afternoons.  I have so much admiration for those moms who work and have kids.  I missed him so much!!!!