Week 39

Heading to the hospital. Finally as we now have an almost one-month-old I am finding a rhythm to post our Week 39 picture.  We took this as we were getting ready to leave for the hospital.  If we only knew in those moments how different we would feel when we came home with that boy or girl we were anticipating!

Arriving at the hospital and prep for my C-section were totally surreal.  As I sat hooked up to IV with a completely empty stomach, the nurse made Adam order breakfast.  To keep things real, I got a text from my substitues with some questions reminding me that the world outside was continuing as it normally does. :)

Adam's carefully chosen shirt for the day he became a dad.

My anesthesiologist knew one of my students' moms and he came in speaking Spanish to me, including at one point during the insertion of my epidural, etc.  Between my anxiousness about what was happening and about to happen (not to mention the freezing cold operating room) and the medical explanation he was giving with words I've never heard before, I think all I felt capable of doing was laughing a little.  My brain was not there at all!

After that things went pretty quick.  Adam hung out with me behind the curtain until they told him to stand up with the camera.  He announced it was a boy and Callan came out wailing.  He's not a quiet one, ladies and gentlemen, and that proves true even a month later!  Adam also observed that as they pulled him out, Callan took the liberty of peeing on the doctors...Adam was proud.  :)


I was able to watch him be weighed and measured and wrapped up and then Adam brought him over by me.  After a few minutes, I could barely keep my eyes open.  It seems so weird to want to fall asleep while in the middle of surgery you were left awake for!  Adam and Callan went for some other measurements on Callan while I was finished and they met me in recovery where I got to hold my little boy for the first time.  I was in love immediately, of course!

After 30 minutes in recovery, Adam and Callan went for a bath and I slept and dreamt of food.  Enjoy some more photos from our time in the hospital!