Week 38

Week 38 We are scheduled for a C-section due to our independent-minded child for Tuesday morning!  I actually have felt better during week 38 than I had the previous weeks before that, well other than some massively swollen ankles and feet.  I have become an expert at getting them to go back down to pregnancy-normal size, however.  We  had a busy weekend with some fundraising appointments and getting time in with some friends pre-baby so feel like we really "lived it up" in our last weekend as non-parents.

Everyone keeps asking how we are feeling: excited, nervous, etc.  I've been trying to do so much to get school things taken care of I really haven't had a chance to get much of any one emotion.  I'm sure as we enjoy our last night "just the two of us" I will begin to feel differently.  Just hopefully not so much so that I can't sleep.  I definitely want to get my last child-less night's sleep in as full as I can!  We are definitely excited to meet Baby Stahr and have a real name to give him or her knowing that he or she is just a he or just a she.