Week 37

Week 37: Notice the new wreath :) Week 37 was an exciting week at the Stahr household.  We learned a bit more about our little guy/gal's arrival.  We had a doctor appointment with the final ultrasound and with that it looks as if Baby Stahr will arrive via C-section in a couple of weeks give or take some days.  We had thought he/she was head-down and primed for a regular delivery and that I had a rear-end up in the top of my stomach, but as soon as she put the ultrasound equipment, all we could see was head!  This made for some fantastic 3-D pictures of baby's face which I will share in a post later this week, but we were a bit shocked by the literal turn-around.  I was positioned exactly the same causing a C-section for my mom, so I guess what goes around comes around.

Other than that news, we have  a nice, chubby-cheeked baby that seems to be healthy and I am still feeling pretty good other than over-doing it from time to time as I try to wrap up projects and tasks that I want to get taken care of before the big day...well, and all of the days that follow as our lives as they know them change immensely.

In addition, my shower was great and I got to take all of the great things home to both of our moms who came in for the weekend to get the nursery prepped out for the arrival of Baby Stahr.  We got so much done and are stocked on diapers, all the blankets and the few outfits (it's hard to buy too much when you don't know the gender!) we have are washed up and put away.  Adam and I took a little bit and packed my hospital back and adjusted the items in the "labor" bag to fit the needs of our alternate birth experience.  Whenever Baby Stahr decides to show up, we are prepared.  Ready...now that's a different story!