Date Night "Selfie" - Week 3

Date Night - Week 2 This was from almost 3 weeks ago now, but we met for happy hour at Granite City near the mall for their outstanding Idaho Nachos (think waffle fries with all the toppings of a loaded baked potato -- AMAZING!) and some flatbread pizza.  I had a double-header basketball game so it was half-way between going home and school so we got to spend some time together before my evening of work.

Last week we totally forgot to take a picture, but before the much-anticipated Snowmaggedon snow began last Thursday we went over to the neighborhood coffee shop and spent an hour or so just sitting, talking, and doing some work since I didn't have school.  We typically go there on our free Saturday mornings, walking if it's nice enough.  It was nice to have some extra time together during my two snow days that I think everyone agrees were questionably necessary.  We are certainly anxious for the arrival of Baby Stahr, but are savoring these last opportunities to be a married couple without kids!