A Long–Overdue Update

This isn't quite how I drew it up.

The Plan

You see, in anticipation of Callan's birth, I thought through a comprehensive "communication plan" intended to keep family, friends and loved ones in the loop. Once we were at the hospital I was going to send regular text message updates, post daily updates to our blog (perhaps even multiple updates per day), and share those blog updates via Facebook and email.

Then Callan was born.


Adam-Callan Sleeping

Between caring for Kalee, tending to Callan's needs, chatting with visitors, spending family time with Kalee and Callan, and attempting to get some sleep, there simply wasn't time to implement my "brilliant" (maybe naive?) plan. In fact, you'll notice that this is our first post since Callan was born.

In short, I was given a healthy dose of reality. So this is what it's like to be first–time parents of a newborn?

So, in an effort to catch you up, here is a brief summary of the last week's events:

Tuesday, March 19

Callan was born.

Tuesday, March 19 – Friday, March 22

An incredibly sweet time, yet a bit of a blur.

Kalee and I spent much of our time staring at Callan in awe and disbelief: "This is our son!"

Lots of visitors.

I learned how to change diapers very quickly. Callan managed to pee on me, not once, but twice.

We went home late Friday afternoon.

Friday, March 22 – Today

Since arriving home from  the hospital, we've been doing our best to adjust to the "new normal."

Kalee's mother is staying with us this week (along with her sister, Farah and niece, Ella). My mother will be staying with us next week.

Callan had his first doctor's appointment, which went very well. As it turns out, he was on pace to be back up to his birth weight by the end of the first week following his birth. Callan peed on me, yet again, at the doctor's office.

More visitors (we have been blessed with great friends and family).

Kalee-Callan Sleeping

Kalee and Callan are both doing very well. Kalee is feeling better and more mobile as each day passes.

Thanks again to all who have kept us in your thoughts and prayers, especially over the past week or so. More posts and pictures to follow—allegedly.