Week 36

Week 36 Whew!  We are rolling along...well, make that waddling.  We are all doing well, Baby Stahr has his/her movement routine that allows Adam and I to enjoy seeing what we can of his/her tricks just before my bedtime.  The bum cozies itself up at the top of my belly and I swear the baby wraps toes around my ribs and pulls on them!  Definitely the most uncomfortable part of pregnancy thus far.  In all other aspects we are maintaining the status quo.  I'm still swelling up pretty well by the end of the day and am definitely more and more physically exhausted by the end of the day.  The biggest change of the past week has been my ability to sleep comfortably.

I really have not had to much trouble with this up until now (for which I am incredibly thankful), but the baby is now big enough that it gets up in my ribs and makes it hard to breathe or gets really nestled in on whatever side I am sleeping so I feel lopsided.  I also think that I subconsciously wake up worried that the baby has turned the wrong way during the night.  I suppose that goes with the territory at this point!

We are looking forward to the next several days as we have our last ultrasound tomorrow (it's been 16 weeks since we last got pictures of Baby Stahr!) and then are starting once-a-week visits to the doctor until delivery.  Friday afternoon, one of my co-workers and good friends, Kelly, is doing a shower for me with my work friends.  I'm looking forward to spending some time with them outside of school.  We haven't done much of that this year.  In addition, both of our moms get to come in on Friday and Saturday and will be helping us get the nursery finished up and some things here at the house prepared in case we really do go any day!  We're looking forward to the weekend.