Week 35

Another week of wrapping up behind us! Week 35

Friday I had the day off school and we had a doctor's appointment.  Baby Stahr is doing great and is head down so we are in business when the time comes.  We have regular conversations about saving somersaults until he/she is on the outside.  Our next appointment is next Thursday and will include our last ultrasound.  We can't wait to see Baby Stahr again!

We had a consultation with a pediatrician and really liked her, Saturday I got up at 4:30 a.m. to take my cheerleaders to the Nebraska State Cheer & Dance Competition.  They did great!  Adam saved me from riding the bus back home so we could stay at my parents' before he preached at my home church Sunday morning as a part of their Missions' Month.  We were so encouraged spending Sunday morning with them.  The weekend wrapped up seeing my family on Sunday arrive back in NE from a 3-day road trip moving my sister and family back this direction from California and also seeing Adam's mom driving back through as well.

I know that I am looking forward to this next week and a bit more calm and rest, although we apparently have some weather excitement headed our way.  Really praying Baby Stahr doesn't decide that it's a good idea to come a few weeks early during the heavy snow we're supposed to get this week.