Week 34-It was crazy!

Week 34 Week 34 kept us on our toes and therefore we are into week 35 before getting a new post up.  However, we did get quite a bit accomplished!  I attended my final home basketball game for the season at WHS.  We were able to get together with some friends for dinner, attended the Biblical Manhood and Womanhood Classroom Series at 2 Pillars on Saturday morning, gathered with other Gospel Community Leaders from our church to encourage one another, and most notably finished up our Lamaze/Birth Class.  We are glad we decided to do the class and we feel like it has allowed us to discuss a number of aspects of labor and delivery with a great deal more knowledge.  Now if it will only go exactly as we hope that it it will!  Oh, and Adam preached at 2 Pillars as well, he did a great job as always!  Quite the week!

As for Baby Stahr and me, we are doing as well as can be expected.  Baby Stahr is getting large enough to be rather squished and make me uncomfortable.  That doesn't, however, stop he/she from moving A LOT.  We especially have been enjoying our weeknights at home so we can sit and watch my belly move.  The evening is an especially active time for Baby Stahr, who then is apparently too worn out to keep me awake by moving a lot at night.  The shining moment of the week was when my cheerleaders told me I have the "coveted" pregnancy waddle going on, but I guess at the very least that is progress.