Week 33

Week 33--A little hard to see, but the bump continues to grow! As I type, I have been relegated by Adam to the couch with my feet up this evening to try to get the swelling down in my troublesome right foot/ankle.  It did fairly well since last week's flare-up until today...bummer.  And I even sat for most of the day at school!

We can tell Baby Stahr is growing, his/her movements are definitely more visible (and uncomfortable at times!).  Adam got to feel hiccups over the weekend which he was the baby highlight of his week 33.  I got a good laugh when I was washing my hands in a public bathroom and used The Xcelerator automatic hand dryer, you know the really intense ones that make it look as if your hand skin might be blown off?  Well, they are loud as well and about belly-height and I'm pretty sure it gave Baby Stahr a good little start when I turned it on.  He/She had been pretty quiet but as soon as the machine turned on I felt some pretty intense movements.

For us, the past week was hopefully the end of some high-level busyness for Adam and I.  Adam spoke at The Navigators' weekly meeting on Thursday while I was at a wrestling dual, we had our Date Night on Friday, and then I was back at an all-day wrestling tournament with my cheerleaders on Saturday.  Thankfully my last all-day tournament.  I was falling asleep in the stands by 10:00 a.m.!  This week was our third of four Lamaze classes so we definitely are feeling more prepared to deliver this baby.  Home stretch here we come...all 3 of us!