Date Nights "Selfie" Series: Week 2

After our night out for Adam's birthday and the Bride of Christ Party last weekend and the photo we had taken of us there, we were discussing that it would be fun to document our last several "date nights" without children via selfies.  If you are unfamiliar with the term "selfie," never fear, we were too until about 6 weeks ago.  Apparently that is what you call a photo you take of yourself...why shouldn't such a thing have it's own name!  And I suppose with the disposability of photos these days we see far more than we did when we were all paying for each picture to be printed, good or bad.  This past weekend we hit up a Husker Wrestling dual and thanks to a hookup through my assistant cheer coach we got on the pass list so we didn't even have to pay to get in!   We forgot to take one inside so we stopped on campus to do so on our way back to the car.  Of course the match was preceded by our favorite downtown Lincoln eatery, Bison Witches. IMG_0103