Week 32

Week 32 The 8-month mark, already!!!  I suppose I definitely look and feel it!

To start the week we had a doctor appointment, the first of every 2 weeks.  We were in and out pretty quickly so again we don't have much to report other than things are going well and Baby Stahr is moving more and more all the time.  They did take my blood pressure twice, it was a bit high when I got there, but normalized by the end.  I told the nurse it was probably because I was trying not to wet my pants on the way there!  She laughed and Adam shook his head so it definitely got the reaction I was hoping for!  Baby Stahr's heart rate was a little difficult to pinpoint, but she called it 145 in the end so pretty close to what it has been for all of my other afternoon appointments.

Friday was Adam's 32nd birthday so we went out for dinner (cherishing the night out by ourselves, I'm sure one of our last few) and then attended the annual Bride of Christ party at our church.  It is a great formal event we have once a year after our membership push and installation to celebrate new additions to the church body and what God is doing in and through 2 Pillars Church.  It was a great night!  The next morning we went out to Minden to spend time with some close friends of ours and share with them about what God is calling Adam to with the church.  We were both so encouraged by our time with them (Thanks Tomsen clan!).

This week took me back to school with terrible swelling (I think due to not enough movement over the weekend, if you believe that).  I adjusted my plans at school so I could have my feet up all day Monday and Tuesday and am happy to say that we are mostly back to normal!  As a reward (at least in the immediate), I am home for a snow day today (Wednesday) due to snow and blowing snow.  Thankful for a rest in the middle of the week, that's for sure!