Week 31

Week 31 We're a little late this week again, but so it goes.  The lighting isn't great in the house at night so it makes it hard to get photos for each week.  But, we worked with what we had and must include the disclaimer that pregnancy has not turned my face into a light bulb (thank goodness)!

I can tell that Baby Stahr is definitely growing, the moving is definitely more pronounced and is becoming pretty predictable, although still evading Adam when he tries to feel what's going on!  He or she has a schedule already and has even found a nice little cranny at the top of my belly for a foot or some other appendage to hang out.  I've usually got a a little hard spot there and try to resist the urge to poke at it and get the baby to move.

Other than that, we don't have a whole lot to report.  We started Lamaze class on Tuesday night and so are well on our way to handling our lives with breathing exercises!