Week 30--75% complete.

Week 30 We are back into the swing of things with school with the coming of week 30!  I was EXHAUSTED!  I've decided my ankles are perma-swollen.  I spent most of Saturday with them up and they still weren't back to normal when I work up Sunday morning so I think I will just have to come to grips with that reality and be thankful that it is winter and no one has to look at them!  After the first day back at school I moved an extra chair to the front of my room so I can sit with my feet propped up and teach.  This is where it pays to teach the big kids and not the little ones...so, to my friends who have been or will be pregnant elementary teachers--my heart goes out to you!

Other than swelling and tiredness I feel pretty good.  Adam has been awesome taking over some household duties at his lunchtime so I can relax extra at home in the evenings.  I am so thankful for his help and sacrifice so that I feel better.

Our doctor's appointment this week was very uneventful and we really don't have anything new to report other than we are now on appointments every two weeks.  Yikes!  I always thought we would be so close when it got to that point.    Our own baby progress of the week was to get a baby registry going so at the very least that is started.  This week and next weekend will be crib and nursery set-up!!!