Week 29

Week 29 Week 29 and we are still doing great!  For the most part I feel good and have been able to stave off sickness (knock on wood!) even despite Adam having gone down.  I feel like God's grace has abounded during this pregnancy and can't believe how good I have felt through the whole thing thus far.  I've still been able to eat pretty much anything (sweets are a particular favorite) and my energy-level has stayed relatively high.  I have started to get tired more quickly and I realize that I am going to have to pace myself in these next 10 weeks or so.  There is so much I want to get done before Baby Stahr gets here!  Adam is good at helping me to keep that in mind.

Monday I head back to school with students, so I'm anxious to see how my 18 days of leisure affect my ability to make it all day in a classroom.  I also will be without a student teacher so finding time for bathroom breaks will get interesting, especially since the baby has found my bladder!  I know I mentioned posting pictures of the nursery and our new office set-up, but I didn't quite get time for any rearranging last week, so those will be coming in the next few weeks.

I realize that some of the people who follow our blog also support Adam's ministry through 2 Pillars Church, both financially and in prayer, so I thought it might be a good idea to also post a few of our prayer requests once a month.

  • Adam is currently working toward raising support for his position with 2 Pillars through raising support through personal contacts and others. We ask for prayer that God would provide the last half of his salary quickly, specifically in advance of the baby being born.
  • For wisdom for Adam and I as we choose a pediatrician for the baby.
  • Also for wisdom and peace as the delivery time for the baby approaches. We are signed up for some birthing classes, so hopefully that will be helpful for both of us!
  • Finally, I am still without a long-term Spanish substitute for my maternity leave and am hoping we can find someone in the next couple of weeks if possible so that I know how to prepare materials for that person and how much I will need to do in advance.

Thank you to those of you who support us in various ways, finances, friendship, prayer, etc.  We are continually overwhelmed by God's gift of having you in our lives and the ways in which you ALL bless us!