Week 28: Third Trimester

DSC_5379The reality has set in as we start the third trimester...this baby is coming!  I had been telling myself once we got through Christmas then I would start thinking baby more seriously.  Welp, here we are!  Thanks to a great friend, "Uncle" Rob, who was in town for a few days over break we got furniture moved around and have a dedicated office for Adam which he is LOVING and space to move the crib and all the other baby "stuff" into the room where the baby will be (I'll post pictures later this week).  This means I can start organizing, which is something I have looked forward to since the grandmas and Aunt Farah started sending us stuff! The picture this week is a preview of some family pictures we took of my family while we were together for the holidays so enjoy the sneak peek and Adam in a picture for once!