Week 26

Week 26 Welp, another week down!  Every week we are getting more and more movement.  Today on I was home from school for a snow day and attempted to lay down for a nap which of course was when our little munchkin decided it was time to run on a treadmill or something in there.  At least Adam got in on that 10-15 minutes of excitement.

We also had a doctor's appointment last Thursday.  Everything is still looking good, and we were told we have a "big baby".  For those who are interested on these facts, Baby Stahr's heartbeat was a big change from previous visits.  We had been reading in the lower 150's in previous appointments, but this week were at 134.  I normally have my appointments at the end of the day, but with the glucose test it was right away in the morning so I'm sure that makes a difference too.