Week 25

Here we are again already! A little later than normal, but we've had a big weekend.  My sister and her daughter got into town on Sunday evening and minus her husband (we missed you, Kyle!), we all had dinner together Monday evening at our house. Ella's not sure what to think about all of us who she only knows via Skype/FaceTime, but thankfully she'll be here long enough to get used to us. Things are going well on our baby front.  I'm feeling pretty decent during the day, tired by the end but energetic enough to over-exert myself at times.  All my standing at school during the day has contributed to some swollen ankles, fingers and tired feet, but thankfully I have a bit of a rest from cheer stuff until January.  Just one game for me between now and then! I am regrettably down to just my engagement ring as my rings won't fit when I wear them both.  This is all worth it in the end I'm told and I believe it!  We are so excited to meet Baby Stahr, March seems so far away yet way too soon all at the same time.  We have a doctor appointment this Thursday along with a glucose test, we both look forward to getting to hear the heartbeat, and I'm sure this time we'll hear the baby moving around quite a bit too!  I leave with a picture from week 25, we are definitely growing!