Week 23

Along with the turkey and our already extremely long list of things to be thankful for in week 23, Adam got to feel the baby move for the first time!  The day before Thanksgiving, we were sitting on the couch and I felt some definitely kicks/movements AND saw them.  I called Adam over and he got to as well.  Since then, Baby Stahr has been quite the busybody!   Although, after Adam's initial opportunity to feel it move, every time he comes close the baby quits moving.  We're hoping that it is early signs of obedience to his/her father?!   He has gotten to feel a bum or back or something that often just hangs out right behind my bellybutton making it a firm little spot which suits him just as well. For me, I have mixed feelings about the movement.  I certainly love that the baby is moving, I'm not, however, fond of the feeling of it moving.  I'm hoping once it gets a little bigger it won't be quite so odd feeling.


When we got home, we got to decorate our house for Christmas for the first time!  Makes a decent backdrop for our picture this week, don't you think?