Week 22

These weeks are going too fast!  Then other days, not fast enough... We did see the doctor on Thursday and everything is looking good.  We got to see our little guy/gal via ultrasound so that was a thrill.  I'll post the ultrasound pictures later this week.  We are feeling pretty good because we have decided on a hospital and now "just" need to find a pediatrician for the babe.  (We are taking recommendations here in Lincoln.)  My plan has been to wait until Christmas break to get things arranged in the baby's room since we currently use it as our office/catch-all room and am beginning to realize that Christmas is just around the corner!  I made my maiden voyage to Home Goods Nebraska (a home goods store owned by the the same company as TJ Maxx--cheap home goods!  There is one where my sister lives in CA and we spend hours there on visits...she spends hours there regularly I think, but can't blame her!) on Saturday with some friends and found a rug for the baby's room so I am definitely getting anxious to get things put together in nursery to see what it will look like.

I am enjoying some much awaited time off from WHS athletic events as we hit a few weeks without anything I need to attend with my cheerleaders, but we'll be back on the week after Thanksgiving with a vengeance.  In 7 years this is the busiest December I can remember with events so I've been trying to get some extra sleep in while I can and with Thanksgiving season am being tremendously thankful for great administrators who are willing to help drive the girls all over the country side.  Adam is in full-force fundraising mode for his position with 2 Pillars and we are hopeful that God will provide what he needs to hit full-time salary in as short a time as possible.  All in His time, and I suppose that goes for the baby too as we wait anxiously!


There is definitely no doubt there is a baby in there!!!