Somewhere along the way week 19 was lost or some week before that.  Somehow we got off with our pictures and as fast as I feel like we are approaching the holidays and then March I'm quite certain someone played a trick on us and put two weeks into one!  At any rate, we are currently in week 21 (also attached is week 20) and looking forward to the next ultrasound next week. I have been feeling much more energetic which was SO welcome by both of us!  It was as if I hit week 20 and someone flipped a switch.  I woke up that Saturday morning and I was a whole different person.  Things had been moving in that direction as I said in my last post  I also think the legendary "nesting" has begun and I am determined to get several of the small projects I've been too tired to complete finished before this child arrives!  I added a small bookshelf to the kitchen that I got at an antique store cheap and painted, I'll post some pictures once "the look" is complete.

It seems like I'm pretty well carrying straight out in front of me, right about the height of most of my students' heads when they are sitting in their seats.  Oops!  I have had to apologize several times already to a few of them.  The girls laugh and think it's great, the boys don't really know what to do with it.






















Week 21 was not my best looking day, nor the best lighting in our kitchen.  Note to self: take the picture pre-6:00 p.m.!