Baby Stahr through week 16...

Between sleeping, starting work, and trying to process this massive undertaking of becoming parents, I have lagged a little on blogging.  Not that I was that great at keeping up to begin with. :)  So we'll catch you up all at once on what you've missed, short-hand version. We actually found out for sure we were expecting the same day as my niece was born which was very exciting and a pretty special connection.  I've actually felt okay and I have praised God that I have mostly had "evening" sickness as opposed to morning sickness.  When your high school students ask you on the first day of school when you're having a baby and you're not ready to tell them, I can't imagine morning sickness would help to evade the question.  They are a nosy bunch!  We had an ultrasound at 9 weeks and everything looked good, even got to see the baby wiggle a little.

I can't boast any great cravings aside from Amigos soft shell tacos (my students are floored that I've eaten around 15 in the last 2 months), but I don't do bacon and fresh veggies unfortunately aren't appealing unless made by others.  After a 5-week cooking hiatus, I've been back in the kitchen for the past 2 and a half weeks for which I am very thankful.  I burn a candle in the kitchen so the foods don't overwhelm me and drive me out, but Adam said as long as I'm cooking he'll buy all the candles necessary!  It was pretty rough for him when I wasn't cooking or buying groceries.

We had a 12 week appointment about 3 weeks ago and everything is still looking good. We are trying to catapult ourselves into starting the planning/preparation process, I'm having a hard time remembering/being convinced that something comes after pregnancy!  Below are some pictures to catch you up through week 16.

The last picture was taken last weekend when we took a trip down to my Grandpa's acreage near Tecumseh to celebrate his 89th birthday.  My backdrop is the lane to the brick cabin he built there and the trees lining it are ones he planted when he bought the land 30 years ago.  When you look at it on Google maps satellite view, you can see the trees he planted in the shape of a "W" (for Winkler) just to the west of his cabin and where I am standing.