Moving & Moving

We've moved times two!  The past 12 months has been a whirlwind of moving.  Adam and I entered last school year last August with the thought that it would be our last living as house parents to the 75 men from the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity on the UNL campus.  While the decision remains bittersweet we are excited to have more than 300 square fit of living space to call our own. So, last September I (Kalee) started checking out houses online and we spent a few Sunday afternoons going to some open houses to "check out the market" so we'd be prepared to make an informed decision when we were ready to buy.  Needless to say, much earlier than expected, we found a great old house in the neighborhood just south of downtown Lincoln.

It is a 2-story bungalow built in 1910 that has a bit over 2000 square feet and a basement.  It's a fantastic old house and we love the character and surprises it has!  It has 4 bedrooms and 1.5 baths and was well cared for and restored by previous owners. We love the original wood floors and great never-been-painted woodwork and crown molding.  Aside from adding our own touches of color, the only major work we had to do was a partial renovation on the main bathroom.  It had a bath tub but no shower, so we added the plumbing necessary, tore out some plaster, insulated the outside wall (we're proud to say that there is now 1 insulated wall in the house), and re-wired the bathroom.  We are so thankful that we have an electrician in the family  (my dad) who has graciously given countless hours of free labor to begin to update the wiring in the house.  For the most part it is still the knob and tube that was originally installed so the electrical needs some updating all around!

The downstairs is spacious and open which is great for us since we love to entertain.  The best part is that our bedroom is just 20 square feet smaller than the apartment we lived in the past 3 years at the fraternity!!  Talk about a shock to the system!  We'll get some update photos of the inside posted in the next couple of weeks.  There is more that we want to do, but they are all just aesthetic things that help make the house more usable for our needs.

The other move happened about the same time.  Our church, 2 Pillars, had been looking for a larger space to rent for about 8 months and in December of 2011 finally found a suitable space at the corner of 15th & South Streets in Lincoln to do some renovation and turn into our next space with some room to grow.  It is only about 9-10 blocks from our new house, which makes it easy for Adam to get to work.  It definitely was a step up after meeting in an old bar for the first 2 and a half years of our existence as a church.  Adam posted a picture of the outside of the space on a previous blog post.