We're back!

Adam and I are so glad to be back and worshiping with our 2 Pillars Church family after nearly 2.5 weeks away!


The first week of June we spent in Seattle, WA as Adam wrapped up his time with the brothers he met and connected with deeply over the course of the past year during his Re:Train coursework. It was so special for me to meet all of these men that he has grown with over their time in Re:Train. They have definitely created brotherly bonds that will be long-lasting, encouraging one another in ministry as they each are in the process of more deeply discovering God's call on their lives in ministry.  I also got some time with some of the other wives which was very encouraging for me as well. The week was finalized by a graduation ceremony (no certificates until their final paper is turned in this month) and a dinner cruise that evening in the Puget Sound hosted by the Resurgence Training Center and Mars Hill Church. It was a wonderful time away for us after a grueling year.

Costa Rica

We returned home on a Friday for two days to do laundry and pack and at 6:00 a.m. on Monday morning to chaperon a group of 16 Spanish students from my high school on a trip to Costa Rica that I organized. We spent 8 days in the rain forests of Costa Rica scoping out monkeys and LOTS of crocodiles, and a couple of afternoons on the beach! It was a great trip, the kids behaved themselves:) and practiced their Spanish, as did we.  We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience God's creation in that part of the world, it truly was amazing!

Back to Normal

We returned and Adam preached at our church for the third time this past Sunday. We are excited to be back and to continue on the fund-raising trail. We are overwhelmed by the encouragement we have received as well as the prayer support and general excitement for what is happening here in Lincoln.  In addition upon our return, Adam and I set out from the Gospel Community that we have led for the past year to begin a new one from scratch, 2 Pillars Church's eighth group.  Our previous group is now led by Zach, a guy whom Adam has discipled regularly for several years and an intern at 2PC.  As Paul, throughout his letters to the early church, longed to be with those he had left, it was bittersweet for us to leave our original Gospel Community and the relationships we had formed with that group.  However, we are excited to be at this place as a church.  God is growing us and not only with simply with those seeking a church, but with those desiring to follow His Mission to reach the unreached with the Good News of Christ!

Prayer Requests:

  • Provision for a full-time salary for Adam by the end of August
  • Perseverance on the fund-raising trail