The Next Chapter...

In order to accompany another transition in our lives, I begin this as a family blog catch you up on what's happening with The Stahrs! Adam concluded a year-long program of study with the Resurgence Training Center, a part of the Acts 29 Church Planting Network.  As he has been working through the distance program with monthly trips to Seattle for long weekends, he has worked on a part-time basis with The Navigators, a campus ministry at UNL, and served as an unpaid intern with our church, 2 Pillars  Church, here in Lincoln.  Adam and I both enjoyed very much the opportunity to serve the college students at UNL as a part of The Navigators.

Thus, at the end of the school year we begin this transition. As I mentioned, Adam has worked alongside our pastor, Todd Bumgarner, at 2 Pillars Church as an intern throughout this first year of our existence as a church. God has grown our church immensely since we went public in September 2010 and Adam has been invited to join Todd on staff as a full-time Staff Missionary. As is typical with church plants in the first 2 years, the church is not fully self-supporting at this time, relying on giving of the body in addition to the funds that were raised by Todd ahead of planting the church. For this reason, Adam will be spending the summer and beyond raising funds for 2 Pillars Church for his salary. Adam's role will be two-fold: 1. to maximize what God is doing at 2 Pillars Church by assisting Todd with basic functions at the church such as assimilation, directing Gospel Communities (small group communities that meet weekly to share in mission and community), web and social media, and 2. to affirm Adam's call to plant another church in Lincoln down the road in God's timing.

We are very excited about this opportunity and as many of you know, Adam has waited for several years for God's timing to enter into pastoral/church ministry. We look back and it is very evident to us that he has learned a great deal in that time and had some very formative experiences that will be helpful moving into a ministry position. We are thankful for the patience He granted us to wait and look forward with great excitement and anticipation to know how God will use Adam to assist Pastor Todd and further His Kingdom in Lincoln, Nebraska in the coming year.

This blog will be a way in which we can keep those who support us in ministry, in addition to family and friends, updated on what God is doing in Lincoln, NE, at 2 Pillars Church, and with our family.