Breakfast Time!

The nurses insisted that I eat breakfast so that I don't pass out in the operating room. Well...if you insist!   Naturally, I took a photo of my food. That's a ham, cheese, onion, and mushroom omelette, if you're wondering. 

The Baby (aka #2)

Callan is thrilled to announce that he will be a big brother here in a few months.  We are expecting Baby Stahr #2 the first week of May!  As I referenced in the most recent post, things have been a bit wild and crazy and pregnancy did not reduced the chaos.  I learned that I would rather work full time than chase a toddler around while pregnant, but naptime has enabled me to get more rest than I did when pregnant with Callan and working.  It turns out that high school students are surprisingly more understanding when the big-bellied lady teaching their Spanish class wants to teach sitting down with her feet up than a toddler is when big (or small still)-bellied Momma doesn't want to get up and find a different toy, go to a different room, get a snack, or...well, you get the idea.  Adam and I are thrilled and terrified to welcome another babe!  We find it funny to compare the things we are worried about with this versus the things we worried about with the first.  We did go back and forth for a while about whether or not we will find out the gender of this baby (we didn't find out with Callan), but I believe we've decided to hold out again.  That ultra sound is in another couple of weeks, so who knows! Amidst all of the change in our family, we have not taken pregnancy pictures weekly and I certainly haven't kept better notes about this pregnancy (thank goodness I blogged a little about Callan!).  I was definitely sicker for longer in the beginning, but finally about packing time things started to improve drastically.  I also had a thing about the smell in the kitchen at our old house (note: no one else could smell it, I insist that I am not crazy), but we moved so that solved that problem!  I'm not sure I'd encourage a move for that reason, but it was a bonus I guess.  I'm 25 weeks now, I think--I've had a hard time keeping track of that this time 'round -- I hear you moaning second children of the world!  I am feeling pretty good now as long as I don't bend over too much -- as a result we are working on teaching Callan to pick up his own toys at the end of the day!  HA!

One of the exciting things about this pregnancy is that my sis is also expecting a new baby about 6 weeks before Baby Stahr.  We went down to visit them over Labor Day and ended up sharing our news with one another while there.  So, we used a picture from that time (we did not know about one anothers' pregnancies when Farah took this picture so it was totally a lucky shot for the news we would have to share) and let the kiddos make the announcement that we sent out to our shared relatives (see below).

Callan and Ella's big news!


Fall (...winter?!?!?!), where did you go?!

I (Kalee) am inclined to apologize to myself and family and friends who I know follow the blog for picture and life updates of our family, but I am not going to permit myself to do so.  I wish I had posted more over the last 3+ months, but...we sold our house, looked for, found, and moved into a new house in Northeast Lincoln, have chased a toddler around (and he is busy...and fast!), Adam and I have both taken on some extra "jobs" to pay off our remaining school loans more quickly, AND... I'm in the middle of the second trimester with Stahr Baby #2!  Whew!  I'm tired all over again just writing that.  At any rate, now that we have re-settled and have "house chaos" behind us I thought I would at least get all of those big announcements out in the blogosphere in one shot.  Look for updates on each one in the coming weeks, we are so excited about (and exhausted by) everything that God has been doing in our lives. Below is a little Christmas Day shot of the 3 (4) of us!

Christmas Day

Vacation -Part 1

We spent about 10 days over Labor Day traveling to and from and spending some time at my (Kalee) sister and brother-in-law's house in Mississippi. The trip included a 13 hour car ride, in two days both going and coming. Our long day was 10 hours and Callan did great. I did learn to keep stickers in the car at all times. They got us the final hour going and coming.


Summer Days

We've got a couple traditions going this summer. 1. Nearly daily Callan helps me water and tend the garden and flowers. His treat is a chive from my herb garden that he toddles around the yard chomping on while it hangs out of his mouth like a wheat stalk.


2. Every Monday and Thursday morning we race around to get ready and go outside by 8 to watch the garbage truck on its route to and past our house.


Summer in Review...whew!

Family Trip to the Sunken Gardens near our home. To summarize our summer, one word is needed...assessment.


We kicked off summer (well, spring) with Adam's first church planter assessment (through Converge Worldwide) where Adam was fully recommended as a church planter through this organization and we will conclude summer with the other this week (Aug. 13 & 14).  Adam spent the bulk of the month of June working on his application for the Acts 29 Church Planter Assessment.  Last week he did a phone interview and the process will culminate with an in-person interview here in Lincoln of both of us.  We are excited for this last step and also ready to be done with it!  We feel confident that God has called Adam to plant a church here in Lincoln and hope for that to be confirmed again.  2 Pillars Church, our current church, is associated and supported by both of these organizations and the support provided to church planters on a personal level is incredible through both as well as the church.

In addition to church planting applications, Adam has been busy with summer activities at our church.  We held 3 services in neighborhood parks, held a carnival for the Near South Neighborhood, had members of our church body host neighborhood block parties, and several service activities in the neighborhood.


Eating chives straight from the garden-a morning routine.


Callan's one word for summer would NOT be assessment, but FUN!

Callan, well he's been growing and learning far too quickly for our liking.  He's developed quite the vocabulary this summer and is a little parrot.  He helps me water flowers and the garden every morning and points out all of the "to-to's," aka tomatoes, on our tomato plant and picks them off for his own eating.  I'm not sure Adam and I will actually get to eat any of our home-grown tomatoes.  He loves cars, trucks, blocks, and especially trains-most specifically Thomas the Train.  He has recently been able to put his Duplo blocks together himself and when they fall apart as he's playing, he shouts, "Oh noooo!!!"  The soundtrack to my dinner preparations each night--there is nothing better!

Callan and I have gone to the zoo with friends and cousins and great aunts, we are thankful that we got a family pass and living just a few blocks away doesn't hurt either!  He's played with lots of friends and been to the splash park a few times and then spent almost 2 weeks with his cousin Ella while she and my sister and her her husband were home on vacation.


My garden about a month ago.

And me, well, mostly I just do whatever Callan requires, of course.  But I have been using the summer to get some projects around the house going.  I've got a little herb garden behind our house in addition to tomato and jalepeño plants.  It's doing quite well and we have been enjoying fresh chives, rosemary, oregano, and basil.  I've got a 3rd batch of pesto on my list for today...yum!  I've had enough success in the garden and with my flowers that I've got bigger plans for next year, so we will see! I've painted our bathroom downstairs and am cleaning and organizing the basement.

My other summer task has been working on my own application for an online teaching position through Orange Lutheran Online.  It is an online high school that has a ground campus as well in Orange, CA.  Last week I completed the teacher training and the next 8-week term they have need for a Spanish teacher, I will be getting back "into the classroom."  I'm looking forward to the opportunity to teach again, but do it from home and be with Callan all day at the same time.  This year moreso than last year I am missing not getting my classroom going and anticipating new students.  But, I'm gearing up for substitute teaching on Fridays at Waverly once again this year so that will help.  It's so good to get out of the house and see my friends out there.

And so, as all of my teacher friends head back to the classroom and our friends and family with school-age children get back to the school year grind this week, I am renewing my desire to keep up on our family blog.  I'm sure the 5 of you out there who used to check it regularly have quit by this point due to our infrequent summer posting.

Happy Back-to-School!

Callan's favorite day of the summer.  Choo-Choo!!!

Callan - 13 & 14 months

What a quick 2 months it has been!  I realized about 2 weeks after 13 months that I didn't get a picture taken and then more time passed, so here we are (half-way through his 15th month!).  Callan has acquired several new tricks, most notably WALKING!  The last week or so he's decided he's okay with walking in the grass if that gets him to his dirt pile, which is great and regrettable all at the same time. Such a charmer at 14 months!

  • SLEEPING: Callan maintains his (awesome) 6:30 bedtime and is still taking a morning and afternoon nap.  Momma will be holding on to both of these as long as possible!
  • EATING: Well, let's just say he will eat pretty much anything but it is a day by day preference.  Today he eats 6 bananas, tomorrow we're crazy for even offering such a detestable option.  He loves yogurt (clicks his tongue to tell us he wants some...not really sure where that came from!), apples, clementines, bread, cheese, milk and water.
  • PLAYING: Callan is enjoying looking at books and having them read to him more and more.  It is so great to see him love reading!  He is developing quite a repertoire of animal sounds, we are hoping to catch them on video to post.  He and momma spend the majority of his non-napping time digging on the front porch in his pot or moving around outside in some fashion.  Callan is glad to be relieved of his cabin fever with some good weather!
  • MOVING: So we have the walking, but he is also climbing anything he can get his legs onto: the couch, the futon, the chairs, the front stairs outside, and many other things that scare us to death!
  •  VACAY from Mom and Dad:  Adam and I traveled to Chicago for 4 days to participate in a church planter's assessment the first week of April, not an ideal place for a baby, almost toddler.  So Callan got to vacation for a week free of mom and dad in York (with Kalee's parents and grandmother) for, with travel time, etc., what ended up being 6 nights.  He had a blast with grandparents and great-grandma, but was ready to see us when we returned...not as ready as we were to see him, however.  Thankfully we did not miss his first steps while on this trip -- we were worried!
  • TALKING: Callan's vocabulary grows each week and he often needs a translator, but we're starting to catch on to his dialect.  We haven't added any more sign language since he seems to be catching on to words he needs.



Evidence that Callan is a new walker.

Pictures in this chair are getting a little bit scary!


Due to technical difficulties, I'm a week late getting this posted. After a few days of almost walking, Callan put everything together. He's a little scary when wielding his shovels on the porch, but pretty proud of himself. Here we go, I guess!


It was windy, but a great day to be outside! I'm trying to get a garden bed prepped for my large planting aspirations and my sidekick, well, he looks forward to being able to eat something from the dirt. Callan sat in about the same place for the whole hour we were out there and pushed dirt around, grabbed handfuls, and had a fantastic time. He learned the word blue and cried when we put the "boo" shovel away for the day. Life. Is. Rough.



Birthday Boy - Callan is 1!

Callan had a small birthday party with family that lives in the area.  It was plenty of excitement for the little guy, though, he was tired by the end of the day!  His favorite part was chasing around his older cousin, Koston.

Callan - 12 months

Everyone says once you have kids, time really goes we know.  Is it possible our little dude is a year old?!  He absolutely amazes us every day and seems to wake up with some new communication or trick every day.  We are overwhelmed by God's grace shown to us in that little two-and-a-half foot package.

  • 12 months - It's getting harder to get a "still" picture of C these days!

    MOVING: Callan is standing on his own more and more.  He thinks about taking a step when he sees something he wants to get to.  Going up the two flights of stairs to our second floor happens lightening fast, we're still waiting for him to figure out going down stairs.

  • TRAVELING:  Callan and I were able, again, to travel to Mississippi in order to see my sister and her family.  Callan and his cousin, Ella got to spend a lot of great time together.  They were sharing kisses and hugs immediately after we arrived there.  Callan learned SO much from his older cousin.
  • TALKING:  We have been working on sign language with him and he does "more" and "all done" making meal time much easier.  He has acquired a few words: 'side (outside), buh bye (with two-handed wave), hi, mama, dada, apple, and he will mimic about any word you say to him.
  • PLAYING: He is loving more and more to read books and will just sit and page through them by himself (a welcome time for his momma each day!).  He likes to walk with his walker and play his toy xylophone (with the hammer) and our piano.  Callan loves to be chased around the house and has a turbo gear to his crawling when he does.
  • EATING: Callan is eating and loving pretty much any table food we put in front of him to eat with his hands.  His favorites are still yogurt, cheerios, and recently ground beef.
  • OUTSIDE: Our little guy has always been most content outside.  Sticking him in a stroller outside puts him in a trance.  While it was cold, he would just point - a wordless request to take him to the window indicated.  After the warm-spell and our trip to Mississippi where he was able to play outside a ton, he cannot get enough of the outdoors and wants to touch anything that grows, inside or outside, fake or real, green or dead from the winter.
  • TEETH: Callan has both bottom, middle teeth, one top, and is working on at least two more on the top.  Drool continues to be an ever-present part of our lives.
  • STATS:  At his 1-year doctor appointment the translation was average-height, skinny baby.  30.5" tall and 19lbs 13 oz.  This is our 3rd appointment at the 19 pound mark--he eats like mad, but moves enough to wear it all off!

Needless to say, Callan keeps us very entertained.  We just cannot imagine how in the world we filled our time before he was born.  Undoubtedly this has been the most amazing year for both of us and feel so blessed to be able to watch Callan grow and learn through his next year!